Our mission

We want to make Google Maps data accessible to everyone to allow the creation of prospecting files updated in real time.

October 8, 2021
Public launch of Scrap.io
200 million
Google Places indexed
Requests per minute

The team behind Scrap.io

Julien Arcin

Julien Arcin

Co-founder (Product)

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Sébastien Tissier

Sébastien Tissier

Co-founder (Growth)

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François Dufaur-Boidin

François Dufaur-Boidin

Content manager

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Mélodie Marfouk

Mélodie Marfouk

Customer success

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Our values


We believe in a world where everyone can protect their information and privacy. We only provide data that is publicly visible on the internet.


Our absolute priority is listening to the customer. We take their questions, concerns, and proposals very seriously. Customers have a direct line to the co-founders.


We always act with honesty. We keep our promises and we are accountable for our actions. Integrity is the foundation on which all trust is built.


We believe in the value of products that are simple to understand and simple to use. We avoid adding too many features, and we stick to the essentials.


We aim to achieve more with less. We are constantly optimizing our processes to go faster, and achieve meaningful results in the shortest possible time.


We have no preconceived ideas about what should or shouldn't be done We test everything, we listen to our market and customers, and we apply what works.